Work Socks Complete Guide For Beginner

Socks may seem like an insignificant addition to your closet but actually, they have a lot to do with your dressing sense and shoe’s comfort in general. But people hardly realize the fact.

Not wearing the right socks with your pants or shoes may raise the question on your dressing sense or jeopardize the comfort, especially with your work boots.

That’s why today I’m explaining how to buy the best socks for work boots or socks in general and also explain what people do wrong while buying a pair of socks.

So, stick with us to get a complete guide on work socks.

Complete Guide On Work Socks

1. Deciding What Material Suited For Your Skin Condition, Shoes & Weather

The material for your socks should be your number one consideration for buying the socks for your work hours.

  1. Generally, the material selection depends on the shoes you are wearing, the skins condition of yours, and the weather outside.
  2. As this guide is for work socks, the shoes we are considering are work boots and American made work boots can be your first choice, oxfords and plain toe shoes in general. For these shoes, you can pick from cotton, synthetics, wool or silk as the material.
  3. Cotton will go with almost all shoes and environment but wool is the best in case of the extreme cold weather or extremely hot weather because due to their thermostatic characteristics, they will keep your feet cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.
  4. However, synthetics are also good material for work socks because they are durable and breathable as well.
  5. And as for the silk made socks, they would go best with your formal suit for your next meeting.

2. Are You A Fan Of Tubular Design Or Shaped Ones?

Basically, socks are made in two different styles. One is stitching the fabrics for each area of your feet to get the sock a feet-like shape and the other one is seamless tubular design.

Even though I prefer the tubular seamless design, there nothing wrong if you are a fan of the former one.

My suggestion will be to go with seamless ones if your work requires you to move from place to place because the seam and the extra loose fabric on your heel may cause blisters and irritation.

But if you work from your desk only, the stitches won’t bother you.

3. Don’t Compromise With The Fit

Have you ever worn a shirt that was a size up or even a pair of over sized shoes? I guess, no. So, why would you wear a pair of socks that’s not your fit?

Wearing loose-fitting socks actually contradicts the purpose of having the socks in the first place.

Among a number of reasons for us to wear socks with shoes, protecting your skin from the hard shoe to avoid blisters is one major one.

And when you are wearing a pair of loose socks, you are not safe from the potential blisters and rashes as the extra loose fabric rubs against your skin every time you move your feet.

Besides a peak on your baggy socks won’t impress your colleagues.

Again, an extremely tight pair of socks may hinder the natural blood circulation in your feet, which may come between you and the comfort I’m talking about.

4. Do Your Socks Spread Odor?

You wouldn’t want your office room to be filled with the awful smell of your sweat coming from your socks, would you?

  • If your current pair is doing this to you, it’s time for you to change them.
  • There are hundreds of socks out there which offer odor-lock protection so that your bad smell doesn’t come between you and your clients. Try getting a pair with odor protection.
  • You will get socks with fast dry technology and mesh vents. Socks with fast dry technology provide moisture free feet all day long and mesh vents help to circulate air which allows your feet to be odor-free.

5. Go For Plain and Dark

In my opinion, your work socks should have “professional” written all over it, metaphorically, not practically.

That’s why I suggest you to avoid any fancy design or even a vibrant color like bright Green, Red, yellow etc. Just stick with plain or simple stripes in darker colors( brown, olive green, gray &black).

I hope my tips will work for you to choose the comfy socks with professional look. Also, you must have to choose right work shoes for the work socks.

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