The 10 Best American Made Work Boots Of 2018 

One certain thing is that construction sites and industries, farm-work, yard-tasks and other general manual labors deserves a robust run. Without a work boot, getting your work done faster would be a huge challenge. That said, the best foundation you can lay for yourself and your workers is safety boots support. This case the best American made work boots will perfect for your work place.

Many people are yet to know that proper safety foot-wear is important tool in the field. These boots are designed to protect and combat against work-place hazards, fatigue and discomfort. One thing you have to bear in mind is that not all the boots you see in the market can give you the best result. That's the more reason you need the best American made boots for total preparedness against tough times and also keep your feet safe from impacts.

The 10 best American Made work Boots On The Market:

A quality work boots is ought to go through sophisticated procedures for the purpose of perfection in being durable and stable. The best American-made work boots should be made with perfectly grained leathers to guarantees durability. A good work boots should be able to contend with any conditions and still last for a very long time.

best american made work boots
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Thorogood men's American work boots is designed by Weinbrenner Shoe Company. This special company has been in existence since 1892 with enormous products and sophisticated experiences. This long-term experience was put together to produce this specific work boots. This durable design is highly amongst the best work boots made in USA with outstanding materials for total comfort purpose during usage.


  • Thorogood men's work-boots features a detachable insert called Ultimate Shock Absorption for protection against unforeseen accidents. It also assures the wearers' comfort and the durability of the boots.
  • There is a vintage-leather upper which is to ensure that the work boots looks good enough while your job is in process.The work boots is made serve for longer period. It is slip resistance and also resist oil. It also features an exclusive wedge-shaped sole for the outstanding balance and measures six inches tall.
  • The work boots is made serve for longer period. It is slip resistance and also resist oil. It also features an exclusive wedge-shaped sole for the outstanding balance and measures six inches tall.
  • This product is also made to offer your ankle an excellent support and a stylish lacing system for protection reasons.


  • It's an ideal work boots for jobs that requires lots of heavy-weight lifting.
  • The shoe lacing style offers you with firmer grip system.
  • It offers your ankle with all the necessary ample support.
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    The work boots are designed for outstanding stability when wearing it.
  • check
    Total comfort inside the shoe.
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    It also offers best protection against electrical hazard, and shocks.


  • The shoe seems a bit tight for some construction workers, no much space for comfort.
  • The water resistance capacity is low.
Danner Men's Quarry USA 8-Inch BR Work Boot,Brown,11 D US
195 Reviews

This is another work shoe made in American. Danner is known for its high quality and most protective when it come ratings. This work boot is built with the intent to serve round the clock. The materials used are wonderfully checked and tested to suit the user; the shoe is design for easy breaking in unlike other norms. A designed for perfect comforts both on the inside and out. With this best leather work boots, you needn't have to worry over little puddles.


  • This unique American made work boot is designed with full grain leather upper with triple stitches for easy break-in purpose and a fine lacing style. All this is to protect and support your feet all day long.
  • Furthermore, these special work boots are made with flexible athletic curve welt construction for flexibility reasons and can withstand any tough and harsh environments.
  • The safety boots also feature a non-marked sole to help resist any slippery floor surface, and there is also a pad inside the best leather boots to help provide extra comfort as-well-as welt structure for uncompromised durability.
  • The steel-toe conforms to the ASTM F 2413-05 rules.


  • This best American work boot doesn't allow heat or cold and is lightweight enough on the feet.
  • Its 100% water-proof and moisture proof.  GORE-TEX lining prevent your feet from sweat forming.
  • It has the ability to protect against electrical shocks.
  • check
    These boots are sturdy with triple stitches.
  • check
    It also designed with a Vibram sole to ensure super traction; it serves as a preservation against falling.


  • The work-boots are not meant for the winter period
  • Not good for temperatures that are below 30F
  • times-circle
    The sole tense freeze
Chippewa Men's 20065 6' Rugged Handcrafted Lace-Up Boot,Chocolate Apache,8 D US
860 Reviews

This is another best American made work boots you can place your money on! , why wouldn't you embrace this traditional stylish work boot? Chippewa is also a known company in America that keeps to its traditions on out-door lifestyle. All the materials used in making this ideal work boots are of high quality for excellent results.


  • The work boots are designed with an outsole features technology which provides you with perfect grips on a slippery surface. Apart from that, it also carries good lining fabric and well decorated upper leather for beautification and support.
  • Each pair of the work boot is designed with high components and superior standard in technology, construction, methods and materials.
  • This specific best shoe made in USA serve versatile purpose, it can be used for fashion, adventures and hard work.  It is a three in one kind of shoe.
  • It is designed with a wonderful lace-up style and tough enough to withhold every test and at the same time last longer if even used by a discriminating user.


  • Has a perfect high ankle support.
  • Logger out-soles for steady stability and grip on a different surface, including slick ones.
  • Designed with water resistible material, steel toe and comfortable insulator.


  • Some user said breaking in was a challenge, that they had to first wear it (boot) around the house for proper break in to take place before wearing it for job.
Thorogood Men's American Heritage 8' Classic Plain Toe, Non-Safety Toe Boot
63 Reviews

This product is another beautiful made work boot and is rated amongst the selected best work boot made in USA. Many professional field workers are still testifying the exception experience during the use of the work boot.

The shoe is designed to give wearers all the confidence needed to trample on any substance and at the same time, give your feet all the support, stability and safety it needs. It a design meant for tough surface and at the same time serve you longer period of time. It a product you can't say no to.


  • This special work boot is designed with resisting capacity against electrical shocks via it resisting soles. At the same vein,  it can withstand application which measures about 18,000 volts (RMS) root mean square value at 60Hz at the interval of 60 seconds without current flow or any sort of current leakage more than 1.0 million-ampere under dry conditions.
  • With this safety footwear, big jobs that looks somewhat uneasy becomes easy, of course this is what the unique work boots offers anyone that desires it.
  • The product is made to be oil-tanned in leather with a dual density outsole. This simply simple means that your comfort is sure and the durability is sure too. It doesn't matter where you want the boots to function either on rough terrain, steep grades or on ladders. The boot is sure made for toughs.
  • Thoroughgood classic plain toe features a Poron in-sole Cushion, designed with fiberglass shank for great support, versioned to be steel toes and a solid brass hard-wear for outstanding durability. All this quality feature works together in keeping you save.


  • Designed with full grain leather quality.
  • Easy to break in.
  • Rubber sole and a comfortable cushion insole.
  • check
    A very good product to be used on storm welt construction site.


  • The shoe take little time before a complete breaking in and soon enough, you start enjoying it services.
Danner Men’s Bull Run 6” Work Boot
283 Reviews

Many people dislike the breaking-in phase or process of a new work boots and those sets of individual can't for any reason be blamed. Such processes most times are uncomfortable due to the stiffness of the new boots.

 Danner Bull Run 6'' boots for Men is mainly designed for total enhancement and easy break-in unlike other ones. Apart from the truth that is rated amongst the best American made work boots around the world, it also serve its purpose by activating the agility in you.


  • This work-boots is special for durability and strength. This is actually the Danner's trademark. It also crafted to be well-oiled and full-grain leather at the upper region for longevity.
  • It also features a good fiberglass shank and a polyurethane footbed well cushioned for all-out comfort as well as a slip-resistant wedge outsole for lightweight support. This also guarantees grips on different terrains.
  • Another wonderful characteristic of this work-boot is that it functions as electricity shock resistance (it's a non-conductive product) with the help of the sole and heels likewise prevent unforeseen accidents. Meaning, you have no reason or what so ever to fear. Instead, make this boots your new companion.


  • The product took quality over quantity.
  • It promotes comfort and is also durable for all day use.
  • The fiberglass shank designs give you all the protection and support you need.
  • check
    It's indeed a good slip-resistance boot on various floor surfaces.
  • check
    Made to be non-conductive and electrical shock-resistant.


  • The work-boot is a little stiff but breaking-in isn't going to take longer than you expect.
best american made boots
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This brand of work boots is the type that facilitates your moral and the same time serves you better by activating all hidden smartness plus the agility inside of you. It is one of the best boots made in USA.

This product can be used during the hot and dry season as well allows in and outflow of air for natural breathability.

  • Bellville Men's 8'' EH USA Made Steel Toe Boot is designed with authentic tested materials to make sure that you don't have issues when wearing it and it guarantees easy movement by the lightweight design.
  • It renders all the necessary protection which signifies that your ankle is super safe. Not only that, it also empowers you with a nice cushioning PU mid-sole to make your feet comfortable during usage.
  • This brand offers your feet with a better breath in hot sun, it keeps your feet nice and cool all through your day. With this design you don't have to worry over ventilation.
  • hand-o-up
    Other features such as; nylon fabric at the upper part of the boot, the Vibram sole, cow-hide leather, electrical shock resistance, the steel toe, all work together as work companion and so guarantee your protection.


  • It has a very good traction
  • The material used allows in and out air in-flow to keep your feet dry at all time.
  • It is made for high ankle support.
  • check
    Enables easy break-in
  • check
    The cushioning is extra cool.


  • There are no noticeable cons about this brand apart from someone who said the outsole doesn't last like other traditional work-boots.
best usa made work boots
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Red Wings Heritage is an American made work-boot made with quality leather material to make it stand amidst of other best rated leather work boot of the 21st century. This boots allows for casual wearing on any day of the week, regardless of where you wish to go. Of course this makes it a versatile product. This work boot is not only for generations boots but also a pacesetter.


  • Apart from the fact that Red Wings Heritage Men's Classic boot is designed to look casual, the work boot is also built for the purpose of protection and comfort.
  • It features a quality rubber sole for minimal tread, this actually help shed out dirt and mud and the same time maintain grips on any sensitive site floor. It is also designed to be a very good water resistant boot.
  • This USA made boot is built to measure 5.5'' from the arch, it does not allow moisture or leakage, it an excellent shoe effective enough to stand against roughs and toughs.
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    There are other features such as a crepe wedge, Moc-toe, treaded outsole, Moc-toe, triple stitches, good-year welt construction, cock midsole and durable nickel eyelets. All this provides its user with maximum comfort and support as well ensures that the work-boot serve its purpose.


  • The shoe is easily cleaned.
  • It helps prevent leaks and moisture.
  • It can be used for a casual outdoor event.
  • check
    Very active rubber traction.
  • check
    It doesn't easily slip.
  • check
    Built to stand the test of time.


  • The Red Wings Heritage Men's Classic boot is exceptional though not an ideal boot for heavy duties jobs.
Woolrich Women's Yankee
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Some people found it so interesting when they look stylish while working. If you fall into such categories of people, Woolrich Yankees boots are then for you. This is indeed a classic product with a lot of features to promote the way you look.

This particular brand is standing with the best boots made in USA.


  • This classic product features an upper made with a wool lining which is responsible for comfort and breathability.
  • It also made to have a firm traction for hiking if you so desire that. The leather of this product enables relative minimal break-in for comfortable experience.
  • The work boot is designed to be stylish and also perfect for casual use compared to other brands. Apart from that, the leather used in making the boot is genuine leather.
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    Woolrich Yankee Boots also possess other qualities like durable Goodyear welt construction with a smart Vibram sole which round the boots with first-class features.
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    Also, the product allows resoling after countless use. More importantly, it features styles and total comfort during use.


  • It a superb premium craftsmanship boots.
  • It annexes styles and comfort.
  • Built with rich genuine Horween leather.
  • check
    Zero break-in time.
  • check
    Grips easily.


  • Not water-proof, which means your socks may get wet during rain.
Thorogood 814-4201 Men's American Heritage 8' Moc Toe, MAXwear Wedge Non-Safety Toe, Tobacco Oil-Tanned - 11 D US
443 Reviews

Weinbrenner is a shoemaking Company popularly known for her pioneering ability in America. This footwear company has been in existence since 1892. This record of experience tells you that they've got all it takes to make long-lasting footwear. They are the maker of Thorogood work-boot. This footwear is also rated among other best American made work boots with a genuine material. You'll sure love this product


  • Thorogood well designed to give your feet the entire support and also to make you feel comfortable when wearing it no matter the time and place. The boots are built with active materials like Polyurethane Max-wear wedge sole with a great cushioning and durability.
  • Taking about the upper leather and the classic lacing, these features offer your feet with stability and a sharp balance no matter how hard you work.
  • This unique work-boot is designed with the capacity to resist electrical shocks and other hazard occurrences.
  • hand-o-up
    The work-boot is removable; it also features Goodyear storm-welt construction.


  • The slip resistance functions by keeping you sturdy.
  • It renders excellent performance and durability
  • A perfect boot capable of protecting your ankle.


  • Sometimes, the boots requires little walk around before it fits in to your normal feet size.
Justin Original Work Boots Men's J-Max Work Boot
132 Reviews

Since the 20th century, this footwear has been proving its worth most especially in the midst of other work-boot brands.  The quality of this work boot assures maximum performance both in service and comfort.

  • Justin Original Work Boots Men's Jmax steel Toe Work Boot is designed to be weightless, the insole is also of high quality. Also the steel toe component preserves your feet against falling objects.
  • The footwear sole is of rubber and a fiberglass shank. It also does not allow moisture build-up. It's a durable work-boot and very comfortable to use no matter the condition you may find yourself.
  • More so, the work-boot is made to be of less weight and flexible. It features a high quality material and suitable for tractions for excellent grip. The polyurethane awesome, a good insole also designed to be removable.


  • This product is electrical hazard-protection
  • The hard-wearing is great likewise.
  • Steal toe to keep your feet safe from falling object.
  • check
    Awesome fitting and comfort when on use.


  • The work boot is without insulation.
  • times-circle
    The waterproof quality is to an extent.


Selecting the best American boots can be tedious but you can make it easier by knowing what to check. The following features will guide your decision:


Staying safe and protected all through your work hours is an objective that needs not to be ignored or left out of view. This is more reason why you should go for a work-gear that is capable, that is, features wise to safeguard your feet. With a quality pair of American boots, you can be rest assured of total safety. A quality work boot should be able to protect your feet against any hazardous occurrences no matter the nature of your work.


Comfort is one key factor that determines performance either at your work-place or some other environment. This comfort also has to do with the softness of the boot to the feet and authentic material to enhance the boot qualities. Hence, the American made work boots is designed for total comfort. Other brand of work-boot could end up making you uncomfortable all through your work period instead of focusing on the job you're doing. So this quality work-boot is carefully recommended for your feet. If you want to make steel toe boots more comfortable.


There are some jobs that are just unpredictable. That said, you'll need boots that has the potential to adapt to all scenarios, regardless of any weather conditions as well as other factors. Two important factors that needs total consideration are; water resisting ability of the work-boot and the out-sole traction controllability.


This is another vital part of a good work-boot. Laces also need to be durable, should be easy to handle, water-proof, as well as have the capacity to stay tied. If you are working and your laces keep losing, the distraction may be hazardous. So before you pick any brand, be sure that the laces are strong and firm to avoid accidents.


After our all our analysis, we selected the top best value, tested and trusted work-boots, this is to make sure you get the best with your money.

Below are the best selected American made work boots to serve and protect your feet better.


Before shopping for your best American made work boots, make sure to know the kind of boot that will suit your line of work. Also, try to go for your actual size to avoid unnecessary discomfort.

Lastly, all the above-mentioned foot-wears are manufactured using traditional techniques in American.

 These boots assures durability, protection from work hazard, and comfort. All the selected work-boots meets high standard qualities for maximum performance. They are optimally designed to serve the wearer better and also bring out the best in you. Read best socks for work boots.

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