The Quintessential Guide to Men’s Socks

Men are comparatively more conscious about the comfort factor than the looks. That’s why men’s best work socks, sports shoes or work shoes have a comparatively simpler look.

Here, the main factor of consideration is the comfort that men need and today I’m going to help you look for that in men’s socks.

Guide to Men’s Socks

1.  Decide What Type of Socks You Need

Comfort is like the taste. Everyone has a different taste for sock types and ensuring you got the sock type right, depending on your feet shape and skin, the socks will provide you with the comfort factor you’re looking for.

There are several types of socks available in the market. You need to decide which one suits you the best.

No-Show Socks

No-Show socks are quite popular these days because you can wear them with almost anything. Except for high boots, it goes with any type of shoes or pants, especially the short.

Some might even say that no-show socks are the only socks that should go with short.

Anyway, these socks goes up to the bottom of your ankle. That means your ankle will be exposed.

Clearly,these are not for athletes or heavy workers but if you are looking for socks that’ll go with your casual get-up, these are the ones you should go with.

Athletic Socks (Ankle up)

Usually people mix no-show socks and Ankle-up socks but it is clearly indicated on the name that no-show socks are meant to be hidden while Ankle-up ones cover your ankle and some of the portion above.

These type of socks are mostly used by athletes because they cover up the hill and the ankle area. You can choose this for mountain biking, running, hiking even any types of sport boots.

Mid-Calf Socks

These are the most common ones that men use with their sneakers, loafers and formal outfits. They go till the mid-calf and protect a good portion of your feet.

Over The Calf Socks (OTC)

These are the ancient kind of socks that people hardly wear these days.

They go up to your knee and cover almost everything. If you wear them with shorts or 2 or 3 quarter pants, it’ll seem like you are wearing spandex under your pants.

That’s why these are almost extinct. This type of socks will be the right choice for best American boots.


2. Choose the Material for the Socks


Cotton is the most used material for socks as they are lightweight and durable compared to other fibers.


If you want your socks to keep your feet cool in hot weather and warm in winter then wool is the best material for you.

If you choose Merino Wool, You can use it all the year since it’s breathable.


It is another good material for sock. The good things about this material is that it is a versatile fabric as well as cheaper than Marion Wool.


Cashmere is for those who like the premium feel. But they need additional care and costs a lot more than wool and cotton.


Silk doesn’t last long like cotton, wool or even synthetics and also they are expensive. However, these make a good impression on formal meet-ups.


Even though synthetics are lightweight than most natural fiber, the comfort factor is not there. Besides, they aren’t breathable. That’s why mostly the athletes use them for their lightweight characteristics.


3. Try Seamless

I always suggest trying out seamless ones because I’m a big fan of them. Not only they are fit perfectly to your feet, but they also ensure there’s no extra baggage on the arc or heel region where loose fabric can cause a lot of irritation.


4. Ensure Snug Fit

The main reason why you should pick one that properly fits you is that there are lesser chances of blisters and rashes if there isn’t any extra fabric hanging to your skin. Besides, a loose was will just come right off while a tight one may just disturb the blood circulation down your feet.


5. Avoid Patterns Matches if Possible

Yes, I know I said the looks aren’t the priority number 2 for men but they definitely hold a position. Like women, men are also becoming more and more conscious about what they wear and how they look.

With socks, one common mistake people do is match their socks with the shirt or pants they are wearing. Imagine a guy with a striped shirt and you see the exact same stripes on his socks. Is this the guy you would want to befriend with?


So, before people start calling you a goof, avoid the pattern matches.


6.  Keep it simple

If you were wondering what should your socks looks like, I’d say as simple and plain as possible.

If you get a dotted pair of socks, there’s a possibility you’d end up wearing a dotted Polo shirt with them. That’s why the best solution is to go as unnoticeable as possible.

Try darker colors( like dark brown, black, olive green) without huge pattern or design on them.

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