Top 10 Best Socks for Work Boots Review [Special Edition]

Some small discomfort may hinder a worker from performing to their level best. This is why it’s said that a worker is only good as his tools. As a worker, you may at times feel limited by what you wear at work. For men involved in serious hard jobs like construction or other physical jobs, they need the best socks for work boots. Having comfortable socks could be a big difference in productivity level for the day.

It’s true that socks may look like a small part of dressing and that’s why many people do not take the quality of socks seriously. However, socks are very important especially in tasks which involved a lot of walking. The rights socks will enable you to work comfortably in humid areas which they keep moisture away keeping your legs cool and dry. When legs are dry, there will be little or no odor.  Also for those working in extremely cold areas the right choice of socks will keep your legs warm.

Other than providing comfort socks create a protection layer from accidents and harmful elements which could be available in your workplace. This works well especially in construction sites where you could feel uncomfortable due to particles getting in your shoes when you are not wearing socks. More to that they keep people hygienic in cases of profuse sweating. There are people who have sweaty feet and when that moisture is not well managed and controlled there can be odor build up. It’s important to note that it’s better to prevent odor that tries to eliminate it because it’s extremely hard to get rid of and that’s why you require the best socks for work boots.

Why do you need the best socks for work boots?

Good quality socks are good for protecting your legs either at home or during workplace. Boots can be very uncomfortable when using them without the right pair of socks. When you have sweaty legs, you may be very uncomfortable especially during humid weather when work boots tend to heat up. To reduce the discomfort, you need to choose comfortable socks which will ensure that your lags are dry and more to that you are comfortable when moving from one place to another. More to that the best socks for work boots should be easy to clean and long-lasting because they are used in heavy tasks. Also, you can choose best american made work boots to stand all the day in work place.

The best Socks for Work Boots on the market:

We have reviews several products in the market to ensure that we give you a good solution for your work boots. We have come up with a list of 10 best-selling and most reliable socks from great companies in this market. The choices are purely based on customer reviews,and features which we fill will be a good addition to you. Go through the products and find out the one which best suits you:

1. Dickies Men's 4 Pack All-Season Marled Moisture Control Crew Socks

best socks for work boots

Product features:

Dickies is one of the most famous brands in the United States. The company is well known for providing highly functional and comfortable fit designs. This Dickies Men's 4 Pack All-Season Marled Moisture Control Crew Socks is not an exception. The socks are designed to keep everyone comfortable in work by using Dickie’s moisture management technology which is designed to use the moisture wicking fibers to ensure that legs stay dry no matter the season.

These socks are designed to have a breathing channel which ensures air circulation around the feet thereforeensuring moisture evaporation is faster keeping the feet cool. The socks are also designed to fit perfectly into everyone’s feet because the full-length crew socksareabout 12 inches long which is good enough for work boots.

The Dickies Men's 4 Pack All-Season Marled Moisture Control Crew Socks also contain comfortable bands in their elastic cuff which stretches depending on the leg.  Apart from the fitted leg these socks also have arch compression band which hugs the flat of each foot to ensure that they are reinforced during long workdays.

On the material, these socks are made of 66 percent polyester and 30 percent cotton which enables the socks to be comfortable and also keeping your feet cool in humid environments and also warm in colder regions. They also have rubber, spandex,and rayon which make up about 4 percent of the socks ensuring elasticity and durability to last through the daily wear and tear.


  • Dickies Men's 4 Pack All-Season Marled Moisture Control Crew Sockshave ventilated breathing channel
  • They also have moisture control fibers which wicks away sweat and moisture.
  • Have durable premium materials
  • They prevent odor from building up by keeping feet dry
  • They have a less bulky design
  • Has a wide comfort band across the leg
  • They have a full cushion sole with reinforced heel and toes.


  • This dickies brand is a little bit larger than the standard sizes. It’s very important to consult the label’s chart before buying them.

2. Wigwam Men’s At Work 3-Pack Crew Socks

Wigwam Men’s At Work 3-Pack Crew Socks

Product features

The Wigwam socks can be described as the ultimate heavy duty socks which aregood for work boots and also preferred for daily wear. This specific brand is one of the Wigwams’best-selling products,andit’s mainly because of its good quality. It contains An Anti-microbial odor guard which keeps your feet fresh. More to that they are easy to clean and even effective with washing machines. They fit well in your legs which makes you comfortable at work since you don’t have to keep pulling them up. Their sole is fully fashioned with a low-profile toe closure making your feet stay comfortable all day. The socks are also well ventilated, absorbs moisture very fast ensuring that the legs remain cool throughout the day.Lastly, they are made of stretch nylon, Acrylic,and cotton.


  • These socks are easy to clean since they are machine washable.
  • They have a ribbed top to give extra support in the calf area
  • They have odor guard and foot control treatment which keeps bacteria at bay
  • They come in a convenient pack of three
  • Their contrasting foot sole offers comfort and superior fit


  • They are quite heavy which is not very ideal for people who walk a lot.

3. Working Person's 8766 Grey 4-Pack Steel Toe Crew Socks

Working Person's 8766 Grey 4-Pack Steel Toe Crew Socks

Product features

These socks are very highly rated as the best work socks for steel toe boots. People rate them very high because they are thick and heavy yet very comfortable. The socks feature a thick padded heel and padded toe. More to that they also have a very good arch support system. These socks are made of polyester, nylon, cotton,and spandex.

 They are very well ventilated and absorbs moisture perfectly thus very good for preventing odor. If you are looking for tear-resistantsocks, then this is what you should be going for


  • They are heavy and thick which makes them durable and good for cold weather
  • They are very comfortable
  • Have a lot of cushion around the toes
  • They boast of great arch support


  • Some people have complained about their thickness saying it makes them uncomfortable

4. Fruit ofthe Loom Men's 6 Pack Heavy Duty Reinforced Crew Socks

Fruit Of The Loom Men's 6 Pack Heavy Duty Reinforced Crew Socks

Product features

It’s true that hardworking men need good and comfortable socks to keep up with the day’s work. The Fruit of Loom socks have a heavy duty sock decks with reinforced heel and toes to ensure comfort and reliability. They are so comfortable that you can even decide to wear them daily and maybe that’s why they come in a six-pack. They are made of cotton which is then enhanced with Lycra Spandex to reinforce the natural contours of the user’s feet.

The fibers of this socks also contain anti-microbial features which mainly controls moisture keeping odor away. This makes sure that the user won’t worry about smelly feet. The use of Spandex in this socks was also meant to maintain their form and durability so that the socks stay fit and comfortable on your feet.

On the material, the Fruit of the Loom Men's 6 Pack Heavy Duty Reinforced Crew Socks is made of 76 percent cotton and 22 percent polyester. Their reinforced bottom and toes ensure that your socks do not wear out before you make good use of them. In fact, this specific brand starts showing signs of wearing out after a year. Even though this may not be the best record when it comes to durability, it’s a long period of time.


  • They have enhanced durability
  • Made of polyester fibers and cotton for comfortable and soft wear
  • Odor is not common in this socks because of their anti-microbial features
  • They are enhanced with Spandex to ensure support and form
  • check-square-o
    They have a non-ravel top which ensures that the socks do not leave skin marks.


  • They are generally heavy which makes them a little bulky.

5. Men's Steel Toe Socks, Thick Boot Sock, Heavy Duty Industrial Work, Crew,and Ankle

Men's Steel Toe Socks, Thick Boot Sock, Heavy Duty Industrial Work, Crew,and Ankle

Looking for heavy work socks? These are probably the best in the market. They are very soft durable and easy to wash using machines. Their grip is so good,and that’s why they are recommended for heavy duties because they do not fall off as people are working. Very good for cold seasons because they keep legs very warm. More to that they are also good during the cold seasons because of their moisture absorption ability despite their great quality they only come in large size which is not ideal for people with small legs


  • Very good for cold season
  • Long-lasting and easy to wash using machines
  • Easy absorption of moisture leaving legs dry and comfortable
  • Good value for money because of their durability


  • Many people have complained that these socks are too large.

6. Fox River Steel-Toe Mid-Calf Boot Work Socks, 2 Pack

Fox River Steel-Toe Mid-Calf Boot Work Socks, 2 Pack

When looking at the comfort for steel toe work boots the Fox River Steel-Toe, Mid-Calf Boot Work Socks would be excellent. These socks are quite heavy,but they give their users an additional cover of cozy softening for their feet in the zone around their toes. This is because they are soft and comfortable even though they are bulkier than others.

The bulkiness of the socks makes them a little bit hit in steamy areas but people appreciate their comfort they bring when wearing steel boots to work daily. The added weight is also not a problem for most users as toes are a snag inside the seams. More to that the arch has vitalbacking from the sock’s studied contours.

The socks also have an elastic cuff which generally balances the thicklyknitted foot segment thus reducing ancestrally stuffy feeling. They are also washable using machines. The socks are composed of 44% acrylic, 19% nylon,and 36% wool. This combination is good since they have a soft texture and low moisture absorption ensuring that moisture and odor are kept at bay.

The Fox River Steel-Toe Mid-Calf Boot Work Socks, 2 Pack is also made of premium fibers with accuracy and excellent standards which makes it very durable.


  • They offer good protection for steel toe work boots
  • They are very durable
  • The socks have a composition of premium material thus effectively keeping away moisture and bad smell
  • Have a breathable compression zone
  • check-square-o
    They are very comfortable and soft with an extra layer of cushion


  • They are bulky thus may be hot during humid conditions

7. Carhartt Men's Comfort Stretch Steel Toe Socks

Carhartt Men's Comfort Stretch Steel Toe Socks

Product features

This socks used the first drytechnology which is very useful in wicking sweat away. They also contain mesh panels on their sides which ensures the user's legs are cool and fresh which on an active workday.  They are also built onan arch support which provides comfort and also security to the feet during movement.  They are specifically very light actually lighter than almost all other types of socks.

Even though they don’t do as high as other socks go they move up enough to cover the high-cut work boots. Even though they are not made for steel shoes, they have sufficient cushion to ensure that your feet are contented even with heavy steel-toe work boots.

Their material is 98 percent polyester and 2 percent spandex ensuring that they are elastic and cosy. The fact that they don’t use cotton means that they are generally lighter even though it still provides similar comfort to the cotton made socks. In short,Carhartt has put together this socks in a very well balanced manner for a practical working person who specifically keeps things comfortable, long lasting and functional.


  • They are of a very great quality
  • They are very breathable thus prevents odor
  • They are available in different colors to choose from


  • Several people have complained that they are too tight to wear everyday

8. The Sock Crew Mens 8 Pair Pack Crew Work Socks with cushion sole, arch support,and mesh ventilation

The Sock Crew Mens 8 Pair Pack Crew Work Socks with cushion sole, arch support,and mesh ventilation

These socks have a great moisture control fiber ensuring that your feet stay dry and thatthere is no odor or fungus growth. More to thatthey are well ventilated with compressed mesh arch support which also provides stability and comfort. On the material, these socks are made of 98% supper polyester and 2% spandex. This feature is idealforensuringthat the feet stay dry and also for the durability of the socks. Their soft and thick cushioning and the ankle, heel,and toe ensures comfort.


  • Very durable
  • Easy absorption of moisture thus preventing odor
  • Very comfortable
  • check-square-o
    Their mesh arch provides stability


  • They are very tight which could be at times uncomfortable

9. WORKS SOCKS Men's 6 & 12 Pairs of Thick Socks Heavy Duty Reinforced Heel Sizes 6-11 & 12-14

This type of socks comes in very many sizes. Theyare very comfortable because of their cushioned bottom. Their reinforced leg grip is also ideal for any typeof work since they do not fall off so often. They also have a great material combination making them very ideal. They are composed of 64% polyester, 28% cotton, 6% viscose and 2% Elastane. These materials ensure that the socks are durable, moisture wicking, highly insulated and very easy to wash.


  • Easy absorption of moisture because of their good material combination
  • Easy to wash
  • Very durable
  • check-square-o
    Great grip which prevents falling off


  • Some people have complained that they are not the best for air circulation.

10. Drymax Work Boot over Calf Socks

Drymax Work Boot over Calf Socks

Product features

The Drymax work boot over calf socks has a dual layer moisture removal system which remains dry by removing sweat out and away from the feet especially when one is wearing boots. The inner part of this socks contains hydrochloric layer while the outside layer has a hydrochloriccrymax layer. The inner layer repels water while the outsider layer ensures that your feet are comfortable and dry making them some of the best men’s socks for work boots.

Wearing boots does not mean that you have to be uncomfortable. Having the correct socks will make you very comfortable no matter the boots you are wearing. The Drymax boots are very comfortable and will make you enjoy your workday.


  • It’s made of two layers to ensure comfortability
  • They keep moisture away thus keeping the user's feet dry
  • They are very light


  • They easily become loose therefore not durable for a long time

How to choose the best socks for work boots

The beat socks for work boots should give you comfort and protection. You should have confidence even when removing shoes because you know that you are wearing the right socks. Before deciding on which socks to buy here are the factors you should consider:
Shoes are meant to protect feet from the environment and especially harsh one but not to keep feet comfortable and safe. For comfort, we rely on socks which are designed to keep people safe during work. Socks are made of different materials making them have varying thickness, therefore, providing different types of comfort. More to that socks have additional paddings to ensure that there is no odor,especially when working in environments where you are likely to sweat more. While choosing socks, it’s good to ensure that the extra paddings do not make the shoe too tight.
Another feature which ensures comfort in socks is the arch support. Arch in most cases come with tighter and dense weaves to enhance support. The arch enables you to avoid severe heel pains which can be caused by plantar fasciitis. In general socks with arch support provide good comfort for your feet.
The type of material used in your socks is very important in keeping your feet comfortable, warm and dry. Cotton is the most preferred because it’s comfortable and absorbs moisture very fast. However, cotton dries very slowly, therefore, making your feet dump and blistered at times when you are working for long hours. When it comes to drying Lycra, wool, nylon and spandex socks are more effective in keeping your feet dry.
Ensure that you buy fitting socks. Socks have different heights and width making them entirely different. More to that the length of the socks should be right. This is especially for the heel and toe and therefore knowing your socks size can save you a lot.


Choosing the best work socks for boots could be a hard task because companies are coming up with innovative ways and new products day in day out. Make sure that your choice gives you And check the best 500  mountain bikes.

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