Diamondback Overdrive Sport Review 2019 (Complete Guide)

Diamondback is one of the most popular mountain bike brands in the market. They have a lot of amazing mountain bikes.

Diamondback overdrive sport is one of the ​best mountain bikes for 500 they have ever made.

If you are searching for the Diamondback Overdrive sport review, then you are in the right place.

I have already have given a lot of mountain bike reviews and our readers have found those reviews helpful. In the same manner, today I am going to give the diamondback overdrive sports review.

I know how much value your time is. So here I am going to give an honest review of the product.

I will describe the core features of the product with the advantages and disadvantages. I hope you will find all the necessary information about the bike in this review.

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  • Assembling the bike is so easy.
  • All components are of high quality and reliable.
  • Easy to ride on the extreme terrains.
  • Suspension of the bike is great to give a comfortable ride.
  • Tires of the bike are quite large and roll over easily on obstacles.
  • Brakes are well-organized to control the speed.
  • Changing the gear of the bike is not a complex procedure.
  • Multiple frame size options to find the suitable one.
  • The front suspension of the bike is adjustable.


  • The seat of the bike is not the top-notch. Can be made better.
  • The weight of the bike is approximately 50 pounds.


Core Features: Diamondback Overdrive Sport Review

Quality Construction

What is the main factor of a mountain bike? Yes, the construction quality of the bike.

When you are going to spend 500-700 for a mountain bike, you should make sure that the bike has constructed with the best quality.

But with the diamondback overdrive, you can stay secured about the construction quality. The frame of the bike has constructed with the 6061-T6 aluminum alloy.

This hard tail frame is for classic mountain biking. Other components of the bike are also of the great quality. Check For more quality diamondback bike reviews.

Great Wheels

The 29.00” wheels of this mountain bike is able to roll over on different obstacles. This wheel is ideal for adventurous riders to ride on difficult surfaces.

Want to go for a riding in the extreme terrains? These 29.00” wheels are ready to give you the best performance.

You can also choose different sizes of frame of the bike. Depending on your height, you can order a small, medium or a large size mountain bike.

Smooth Riding

If you are buying a mountain bike to ride on different trails and country side, you should make sure that the bike has good suspension.

Keeping that thing in mind, this diamondback overdrive bike has designed with SR Suntour suspension fork.

This suspension makes sure that you are getting a comfortable ride even on a rough surface. So no matter if you are going to a difficult trail, this bike is ready to give the best comfort.

Gear and Safety

As I promised I will cover all the things in my diamondback overdrive sport review, so here I am going to discuss about the gear of the bike.

This diamondback overdrive mountain bike has a great gearing system. The Shimano 8-speed rear derailleur and 3 chain rings can give 24 speeds.

Choose which you like most. Gear changing is no more difficulty with this mountain bike. with the speed of the bike, you also need a good control on the speed.

That is why this mountain bike has Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes. These disc brakes allow the user to stop the bike within a second at an emergency. Also, work great for controlling the speed in the extreme terrains.



As I have mentioned above the diamondback overdrive is just a perfect mountain bike which is also budget friendly.

There is a low amount of complain about this bike. Most of the customers are using this mountain bike for years and years without any critical issues.

Believe me, riding this bike is so much comfortable. You will enjoy the riding specially in the rough surfaces.

Yes, you have read correctly. In the rough surfaces, you will enjoy the suspension of this bike.

If you have read the diamondback overdrive sport review perfectly, then no need to search again for the diamondback overdrive sport review.

Here I have covered all the features with the pros and cons. If you love the bike, then you can order the mountain bike from the provided link.

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