Genesis v2100 Review – What Every Consumer Should Know

If you love to ride down even steeper hills, ride on off-road terrain, or climb steep hills, then you realize very well that your most-liked Barbie bike will not cut it and my genesis v2100 review.

The fact is if you ever try this, then you are possible only to end up viewing as whether you had an argument-filled afternoon with local tigers.

So, how do you find the ultimate solution to this problem? Well, the answer is very easy: A mountain bike is all that you need! And that is where the genesis v2100 review comes in.

What to look for Genesis bike review?

The genesis v2100 review has many features, which work in similarity to make sure that you have a wonderful ride. You will certainly be excited with the acting offered by this bike. Below some important considerations to follow:

Great Comfort:

The genesis mountain bike review features a full suspension frame made of aluminum. Not only does make the bike reliable, but it also implies that it is lightweight too.

Downhill climbing, riding, and off-road cycling is highly comfortable with Genesis, because of 80mm suspension fork has been planned with comfort in mind.

Moreover to this are the rear shocks of the bike, which improve rider comfort via the 80mm constant travel coil that is designed to compromise the weight of the rider.

Incredible Stopping Power:

There is thoroughly nothing to laugh about when it comes to the amazing brakes of the bike.

It features a front disc brake and a rear V-brake that offer you to break instantly without compromising your safety in any way.

Higher quality aluminum has been utilized for the Shimano brake levers, with compact Promax components being used for the disc brakes.

Smooth Gearing:

Seems to be the brake levers, Genesis V2100 gearing method is designed and built with Shimano.

The method features with 21-speed drive-train, which confirms that smooth and precise shifting is possible on any trail.

Furthermore, the rear and the front derailleur’s on the genesis v2100 review allow for comfortable riding, as exchanging the gears is now trouble free and smooth action meant to improve biking experience.

Great Tires:

The tires on these items are both durable and wide. Also, they are absolute to offer the rider a superior traction on rugged paths or trails.

This cool quality comprehensively reduces the chances of bikers falling and hurting themselves, an explanation that it is the wonderful choice for all considering a bike with high safety factors.


  • Adjusts to people of varying heights
  • Smooth gear changing
  • Sturdy alloy suspension fork and frame
  • It comes with affordable price
  • High safety factor


  • The pedals are plastic and flimsy
  • The handlebar is loose


Genesis mountain bike review: Additional consideration to look for

  1. Allowing with 4 bar linkage
  2. Features 26″ full suspension aluminum MTB frame
  3. Handlebars are steel riser MTB
  4. Fork with 80mm travel Rear Shocks
  5. Coil 80mm travel Gearing
  6. Shimano EF40 21 speed
  7. Shimano Tourney TZ40 SIS Saddle
  8. Alloy micro adjust 27.2 X 300mm with quick-release
  9. A-head TDS63K-8 EXT: 100mm 15D
  10. Dimensions: 68″L x 24″W x 39″H Assembly required


What are customers saying about Genesis mountain bike review?

The Genesis V2100 has initiated a home among the mountain bike enthusiasts. The most well-known component of this bike is its shocks, which consumers completely love.

These shocks have been displayed to be skilled when smoothing out the bumps and rocks on the road, and riders say that their ride is highly comfortable.

Nevertheless, one question that is quite isolating is that of the seat, as a few customers ask that their seat is comfortable, while others have chosen to go for a gentle memory foam saddle.

Either way, the genesis v2100 review is praised among its users who are more than influenced at what they got for less than $200.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Genesis bike review:

Q: Where are Genesis bikes made?

A: Genesis bikes appeared in 2006. They are a UK manufacturing bike brand.

Q: What are the prices of Genesis bike?

A: Depending on the size and style prices vary when you are going to buy this product.

Q: What are the sizes that Genesis bikes have?

A: Genesis bikes come in various types of sizes from children to adult sizes.

Q: Where do you reach Genesis bikes at?

A: You can reach Genesis bike in many of the big box websites such as Walmart and Amazon. And so many online sites and even local bike store. Also searching the Genesis website for extra information.

Q: Why buy a Genesis bike?

A: Genesis bikes are exceptional entry-level mountain bikes. They are in demand for their affordable price and bikes ranging from children to adult sizes.


Final Verdict

Based on many customers the genesis v2100 review, its design, and performance are the main sealing points. It is ideal for many of terrain, and you do not have to use plenty of energy to when riding it.

Many customers praise the affordability and gearing of the bike, while some are not satisfied with its somehow loose strips, and the difficult task of having to assemble the bike regularly.

After having a great look of this bike, it would be fair to complete that it is a great buy, currently selling at around $185.

It is nevertheless crucial to note that this is not a pro bicycle but rather a bicycle for entry level and recreational mountain biking.

Hope that Genesis bike review will help you to know all everything about this mountain bike. So don’t make a late and buy this one as early as possible.

Please leave a comment below! And help your fellow consumers to make the right choice. Over to you!

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