What Is A Carving Knife? How to Use | Ultimate Guide

Carving knives are the most common member in your kitchen. So you must have the idea about the carving knife. You have to know the uses of this knife.

There are variations in carving knives and they are used for different purposes. If you want to use it according to your need, you must know the variation of using this knife.

In this article, we have given the definition of a carving knife along with the instruction of using it. Hopefully, you will get benefit from this guide.

Carving Knife

The carving knife is mainly used in the kitchen. This is also called the large chef’s knife. The blade of this knife is very sharp and this knife is about 8 to 15 inches lingering.

You will find a huge variety of carving knife in the market. They are of different sizes, colors, and features.

Among them three virtues knife, cooking knife, utility knife, scissor knife, boning knife, bread knife, paring knife etc. are the best carving knife for meat, vegetable, fruit and so on food items.

The use of this knife is pretty much easy. Here are some steps which will help you to know how to use it.

Holding Correctly

For using the knife, you have to know the method of holding the knife properly. Otherwise, your hand may bleed.

Don’t put your index finger on the inside of the blade. While you are picking the knife, hold it on the plane side. It must be parallel to your position.

This procedure is called pinch grip. You will get perfect accuracy and maximum control at the time of cutting.

Put your finger colder to the blade. It will help you to control the knife and you can slice the food carefully.

Chopping Properly

There are different ways of chopping the food. Use your dominant hand for chopping.

Use chopping board for chopping. Jog the carving knife down into the vegetable or fruit. Don’t put the black side of the blade away from the chopping board.

Don’t slap the knife onto the chopping board. It will be dangerous for you.

Top and Tail

Learning to the top and tail the knife properly is imperative. Topping and tailing mean cut off the food from top to bottom. This procedure prevents the risk of cutting hand.

To produce this procedure at first hold the vegetable or food properly. Now cut the top of the food and then cut the bottom of the food. Now lay the food on one side and cut it perpendicularly.

Using Dice

Dicing vegetables mean cut them into extremely small pieces. For dicing any food properly you have to cut them into a few centimeters small pieces.

You can dice the vegetable according to your wish with a good carving knife.

Before starting dicing the vegetable, score the vegetables in at least two directions. After that, dice it perpendicularly. Angle it to the scoring.

A good scoring can make your cutting more exact and consummate. So, use the carving knife efficiently and turn the food into a bite-sized shred.


When you cut the vegetables in very small pieces so that they can be dissolved in the pan very soon, then the method is called mincing. The carving knife is also used for mincing.

People generally mince garlic by the carving knife. To mince garlic, at first you have to dice it properly. Now drive your knife across the pile gently.


After using your knife you have to clean your knife properly. Use warm water to wash your knife. Dish soap is perfect for cleaning the knife.

After cleaning the carving knife, make it dry. If it remains dampish the sharpness of the knife will be moldered.

Also wash the handle of the knife properly. Be careful when you are washing the knife. Otherwise, you hand will be braided.

Final Verdict

From above elaboration, you can clearly ruminate the definition of the carving knife. If you use your carving knife properly, you will be able to slice, cut, peel or crush the food items in an easier and likable way.

We hope that this guide helped you to know details about the carving knife and uses of different carving knives. Also, Check out the best shave ice machine for home use.

So, use your kitchen knife properly at your household works and get an ample effectiveness


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