Best Carving Knife for Meat | Top 10 knife (Guide 2019)

People have been slicing meat for centuries, but it is only recently when the cutting was perfected. Without the best carving knife for meat a complete kitchen cannot be imagined advancement in technology brought all sorts of slicers.

Regular kitchen knives may be useful for many things, but they fail when it comes to slicing meat. If you try to do that with a regular knife, you will inevitably make a mess.

Fortunately, the manufacturers around the world came up with a solution and offered us carving knives. This article will cover everything you need to know about this product and recommend some of the top choices we discovered.

What Is The Meat Carving Knife?

A meat carving knife is a long knife used to cut meat and fish into thin and even pieces. It might remind you of a chef’s knife, except that it is considerably longer and thinner.

Its minimum length is eight inches and it can stretch up to 15 inches. That is what enables improved control and makes it possible to cut thin slices of meat.

Carving knife can be used on various types of meat, including roast, poultry, ham, turkey. You can also cut fish, vegetables, and fruits.

Some models are even adequate for cutting raw meat. It is used in both home kitchens and restaurants.

Benefits of Using the Best Carving Knife For Meat

The question you might ask now is – why do you even need a meat carving knife? Let’s take a look at the list of the reasons why you need this special slicer:

  • Cutting the meat will be a breeze–with regular knives, you can have a lot of problems with the meat tearing apart while you are slicing it. However, if you use a carving slicer, you will swiftly cut through your food
  • Thin slices are achievable – carving knives are incredibly accurate. If you prefer cutting your meat into thin pieces, that becomes an option with this slicer
  • It is a safer option–if you use a standard knife, you might injure yourself or even cut off your fingers. The ergonomics of carving knives are specially designed for slicing the meat, which makes them a safer option
  • Impress your guests – if it a special occasion and you are expecting visitors, you want everything to look perfect. A carving knife will ensure that you slice your meat in an ideal way

On top of this, carving knives are a long-term investment. If you make the right choice and pick a reliable slicer, you don’t have to worry about buying another one for years to come.


Top 10 Best Carving Knife For Meat On The Market

1. MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Carving Knife

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With so many knives available out there, it is not easy to select the right one for you. That is why we carefully analyzed the market and singled out only the top choices for your kitchen. Take a look at the knives we selected and find the one that suits you:

MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Premium 11-inch Stainless Steel Carving Knife is a real bargain.

Considering that it comes at an affordable price, the product offers a lot in return. It was made of stainless steel, but you should not expect premium quality material.

Despite that, the item has solid durability and is resistant to rust. On top of that, stainless steel doesnot require any effort during cleaning.

The blade is extremely sharp and the knife if noticeably thin, making it a piece of cake to slice through various pieces of meat. You will enjoy cutting ham pork loins, roast, poultry, smoked salmon, and turkey. It is also suitable for cutting veggies and fruits.

The length of the product is 11 inches. Many chefs and other experts agree that this is the ideal length for a meat carving knife.

The weight is nicely distributed and the grip is comfortable and firm. The handle is long enough to secure proper maneuvering. It is also worth mentioning that the packaging is visually attractive as the knife comes in a beautiful box with cushioning.


  • Extremely versatile
  • Ideal length
  • Firm but comfortable handle


  • The quality of stainless steel could be better


2. Professional Kitchen Chef’s Carving Knife

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If you ask us, the best knife for trimming meat needs to come with a sharpener. Fortunately, the people at Shinken are aware of that, which is why they came up with a set consisting of a carving knife and a sharpening tool.

But let’s focus on the knife. It was made of stainless steel, the quality of the material used is satisfying and the product feels lightweight.

Pakka wood was used to design the handle. This wooden laminate is water and heat resistant.  Weight distribution is a bit of a problem as it might take some time to get used to controlling the knife properly.

Despite the fact the Professional Kitchen Chef’s Knife 8 Inch by Shinken comes with a sharpening tool, the blade is sharp straight out of the box.

It is suitable for all types of meat, as well as fruits and vegetables. The overall length of the item is 8 inches, which is a bit on the short end.


  • Sharpening tool included
  • Water and heat resistant handle
  • Suitable for meat, fruits, and vegetables


  • Could be a bit longer
  • times-circleLightweight
  • times-circleTakes some time to get used to how it works


3. DALSTRONG Slicing Carving Knife – Gladiator Series

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DALSTRON Slicing Carving Knife – 12” Granton Edge – Gladiator Series is a product of professional quality. The fact that thousands of chefs around the world use the knives designed by the German manufacturer speaks enough about their reliability.

The first thing we noticed about this best knife for carving meat is that it looks visually attractive. It comes with a sheath for easier storing.

The black-colored handle made of pakkawood gives the item a classy and modern look. The blade is made of high carbon German steel which cleans easily and is resistant to stains.

The overall length of the product is 12 inches making it suitable for all types of meat and fish. The knife is ideal if you want to cut something into thin slices.

Maneuverability is phenomenal, as well as comfort while using it. The only downside is that it does not come as sharp as we would like. Fortunately, you can use any sharpening tool to resolve this issue.


  • Water-resistant sheath included
  • Modern and classy design
  • Extremely durable


  • Might require additional sharpening


4. Dalstrong Slicing Carving Knife for Meat – Shogun Series

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Dalstrong has several candidates for the best meat carving knife for a reason. If you are looking for a premium quality product and the budget is not an issue, this is the item for you.

The manufacturer used Japanese super steel similar to the one samurais used to make swords to secure improved hardness.

The blade was cooled in liquid nitrogen to provide extended durability and increase resistance to corrosion. You can notice the hand finish at an 8-12 degrees angle on each side.

The blade has a thickness of only 2 millimeters, which enables precise cutting. The knife is extremely sharp, but it comes with a sheath that is resistant to heat and water.

Dalstrong Slicing Carving Knife – Shogun Series is 12 inches long. The handle was made of military grade G10 and moisture, cold, or heat cannot affect it.

The grip is secure, comfortable, and not slippery at all. Many professionals have switched to this product since Dalstrong has taken carving meat to the next level.

The manufacturer trusts the product so much that it provides a lifetime warranty to protect you against any defects.


  • Premium quality blade
  • Excellent hardness and durability
  • Thin blade for precise cutting


  • A bit expensive


5. DALSTRONG Carving Knife & Fork Set

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Some people believe that any knife can be the best carving knife set if it comes with a fork. While that is up for debate, there is no doubt that fork makes cutting far more manageable.

And if you get a set made of high-quality German steel, you are equipped for all slicing endeavors in the years to come.

DALSTRONG Carving Knife & Fork Set – Gladiator Series includes four things – knife, sheath, fork, and honing rod.

We are aware that the crucial item of the set is the knife, which is why we will focus on it. It was made in Germany of high-quality steel. The edge has a hand finish on each side at 18-degree angle and a hand-polished spine.

As with other knives in Gladiator series, the handle is made of water-resistant pakkawood imported from Spain.

The overall length of the product is nine inches and it comes with a sheath. As for the fork and the honing rod, the same materials were used for those components. The handles all have black colors for an elegant look and a perfect fit for every kitchen décor.


  • Professional quality
  • Includes a knife, sheath, fork, and honing rod
  • Extremely sharp blade
  • check-square-oAn elegant look that fits with any décor


  • A bit pricey


6. Top Chef by Master Cutlery, 2-Piece Carving Set

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The manufacturer advertises the material used as stainless steel and we are happy to report they are not bluffing. Top Chef by Master Cutlery, 2-Piece Carving Set is made of stainless steel that was additionally ice-tempered to secure increased hardness.

This knife will last for years and won’t have any issues with rust or stains.

The knife is 12.5 inches long, which makes it suitable for all types of meat. The blade is very sharp and fairly thin. The only thing that ruins things for a bit is the smooth handle.

While the grip is comfortable and secure, beware not to get your hands moist or greasy. If that happens, the handle may become slippery and you will need to wash both your hands and the knife before using it again.

Stainless steel is also used to make the fork that comes included in this carving set.

There is no need to do it the hard way when fork does wonders in keeping the meat steady while cutting it.

This is a product of impressive quality and it is a shame that it doesn’t come in better packaging. Be careful when you are opening the pack – you don’t want to cut yourself with the knife!


  • Durable stainless steel
  • Suitable for all types of meat
  • Fork makes cutting a lot easier


  • Be careful when opening the packaging
  • times-circleThe handle can become slippery


7. Wusthof Gourmet Two Piece Carving Set

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Wüsthof is another reputable brand in the carving market coming from Germany.

Their Two-Piece Carving Set is made of a knife and fork. The total length of the knife exceeds 14 inches (the steel part is 8 inches long), while the fork is 10 inches long. Both pieces were tapered with extreme preciseness to avoid bolsters.

The handle was made of polypropylene. Its durability was extended with triple-riveting. As for the blade, steel with a high concentration of carbon was used.

The alloy is resistant to stains and rust, which is supported by a limited lifelong warranty provided.

WüsthofTwo-Piece Carving Set comes in beautiful packaging and at an affordable price. The downside of the product is that it is too lightweight. That might make it tricky to control your cutting, especially if you are not experienced.


  • Durable high-carbon steel
  • Resistant to rust
  • Includes a knife and a fork


  • Lightweight and tricky to control


8. Ergo Chef Prodigy Series Meat Slicing and Carving Knife

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Ergo Chef Prodigy Series Meat Slicing and Carving Knife gets all the Granton edge features right.

You can notice holes on both sides of the blade. The grounds are oval-shaped and there is more than a dozen of them. Their task is to make air pockets and keep the meat from sticking to the knife. Combined with the honed sharp edge, this blade will improve your efficiency when cutting the food.

Another feature we liked is that the tang is single-pieced and it goes all the way back to the bottom of the handle.

That improves the balance of the product and makes it suitable for newbies. However, the knife is a bit heavy, which can affect maneuverability. Fortunately, the handle is made of non-slippery material.

The length of 12 inches is arguably ideal and that’s how long the best carving knife for meat should be.

You can use the product on all types of meat, as well as fish, fruits, and veggies. However, it comes without a sheath which can be bought as an extra accessory.


  • Granton edge design
  • Excellent balance
  • Non-slippery handle


  • Doesn’t include a sheath
  • times-circleSomewhat heavy


9. TUO Cutlery 12 inch Slicing Carving Knife for Meat

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If you are thinking about gifting someone a knife, it needs to have nice packaging. TUO Cutlery 12 Inch Slicing Carving Knife exceeds expectations in that area. The thrill doesn’t stop when you open the box as it has an unusual, but beautiful design.

The handle is made of pakkawood. The manufacturer names this series of knives “Fiery” because of the design of the handle. The important thing is that it is not slippery and it secures a firm and comfortable grip.

When it comes to the blade, it is made of high-carbon German steel. It is the same material used by Dalstrong and Wusthof, except that this product is manufactured in China. However, that doesn’t affect its durability. TUO Cutlery Carving Knife is resistant to rust and stains and you can use it for years.

The only real downside is that this 12-inch long knife doesn’t come as sharp as we would like. It might require additional sharpening, especially if you are planning to deal with huge chunks of meat.


  • Durable material
  • Non-slippery handle
  • Beautiful packaging


  • Might require additional sharpening


10. Dalstrong Carving Knife for Meat & Fork Set

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You could say that we saved the best meat carving knife for last. In some cases, if you are unsure about which product to pick, the price tag will reveal a lot. You might need to splash your cash for this set, but you will get a long-lasting product from the leading market brand.

Dalstrong Carving Knife & Fork Set – Shogun Series is made of Japanese super steel.

It used to be good enough for swords and there is no doubt it is suitable for knives. The blade has a serrated edge with a hand finish. It has been treated to secure improved durability and hardness.

The manufacturer used the so-called Honbazuke technique for sharpening, which means that you can expect the knife to be sharp and ready to tackle all types of meat.

The G10 handle is equipped with fiberglass resin that is highly resistant to moisture, cold, and heat. The same materials were used when designing a fork that comes included in the set.

You also get a sheath for the knife in the packaging. The sheath is resistant to water and heat and protects you from any mishaps with the item.


  • Fork and sheath included
  • Superb quality material
  • Extremely sharp blade
  • Impressive durability


  • Somewhat expensive


How to Choose the Best Carving Knife for Meat?

Unless you are a professional chef working in a restaurant, purchasing a single carving knife will be enough for years to come. That is why you need to make the right choice. Here are some features to consider when buying a knife for meat carving:

Which Materials Were Used?

There are two areas to consider here –blade and handle. When it comes to the materials used for blades, you will mostly encounter stainless steel and high-carbon steel.

Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and stains, but it will need sharpening more often. Another thing to keep in mind is the quality of the stainless steel as it greatly differs from one manufacturer to another.

If you are using the knife on a regular basis, it is a much better option to go with high-carbon steel. They are resistant and durable and they seldom require sharpening.

Finally, don’t underestimate the handle materials. Pakkwood and polypropylene are excellentchoices because they secure firm grip and are resistant to moisture, which means the handle won’t get slippery.

Rounded or Pointed Tip?

This comes down to your preference. However, you need to keep one thing in mind. If you plan to use your knife on raw meat, we suggest choosing a pointed edge.

It will make things a whole lot easier. However, if you only need a slicer that can tackle roasted ham, turkey, and poultry you are good to go with the rounded tip.

Another thing to consider is holes along the blade. They can provide air pockets that prevent food from sticking to the knife. While they are not necessary, keep in mind that they can make slicing more enjoyable.

Blade Length of the best knife for cutting raw meat

A carving knife can be anywhere from 8 to 15 inches long. If the knife does a good job, ultimately its length does not matter. However, if your hands are huge, you might need the blade to be a bit longer. On the contrary, if you have small hands, you might have a better grip with a small slicer. Also, you might even consider which knife can fit into your storing block.

Safety Features for Best Carving Knife for Meat

Keep in mind that you need to store a carving knife either in a sheath or knife block. If you do not own a storing block, we suggest going for a slicer that comes with a sheath or buy it separately.

As for other safety features, ergonomic design and right balance prevent mishaps when using the knife. You do not want to injure yourself while slicing just because you used a poorly-balanced slicer, which is why you should always go with an ergonomic product.



That rounds up our search for the best carving knife for meat. Have you found the model you like? You have a vast selection of slicers available and we have no doubt you already have your favorite.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional chef or you just want to impress the guests for Thanksgiving. If you need that turkey sliced into thin, beautiful pieces, you need a carving knife. You can also check out the best shaved ice machine for home.

This review offers a selection of high-quality products. If you do not plan to use your knife often, you can go for one of the affordable options.

However, if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, we suggest choosing one of the premium models. Either way, you will be set to enjoy delicious food cut into perfect pieces.

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