What Are The Different Types Of Knife?

You will find the maximal use of knives in your kitchen. It doesn’t mean that you have to have a large size of kitchen knife set like the chefs.

There are variations in knives and they are used for different purposes and read to know how to use carving knife Perfectly. If you want to buy knife according to your need, you must know the types of knife.

In this article, we have given a list of some congenial knives which are used most commonly. Hopefully, you will get benefit from this list.

Different Types Of Knife

Three Virtues Knife

Three virtues knife is called santoku knife in Japan. This is a western style cooking knife. You will find three features in this knife. They are slicing, dicing and mumbling.

This knife is a little smaller than santoku knife. This knife has a plane blade. You will find a hollow edge in this knife. For this feature, you can slice any kind of sticky ingredient quickly.

This is the best carving knife for meat and fish.

Cooking Knife

This is the most popular knife. Chef’s knife is about 6 to 12 inches lingering. You can easily slice any kind of regular cooking ingredient by this knife.

You will get a faster result from this knife.

You will find different sizes of cooking knife in the market. Small cooking knives are comfortable for the small hand.

You can easily forge or stamp the chef’s knife. This kind of knives is unserrated.

Cooking knives are essential for any kind of kitchen tasks. You can cut all the kitchen related ingredient such as vegetable, meat, tofu, and fruit by it.

Utility Knife

Utility knives are about 4 to 7 inches lingering. This is also called the mini chef’s knife.

You can use it for slicing small vegetables and meat. Utility knives have some special features like flexibility, mild weight. So that, you can easily slice tomatoes, soft and hard vegetables etc.

If you want to prepare sandwiches you can use this knife for cutting cabbage, lettuces, and meat.

This knife is considered as the all-rounder knife. This is better than the typical knives. Of your hand is small, you should use the tender blade with your santoku knife.

Scissor Knife

These knives are also used in the kitchen. This is mainly used for snipping grass or herb. You can also use it in cutting lingering and thin veggies.

You will find its use in sectioning chicken. Even, it is used for outdoor works. These knives are of sharp blade.

Scissor knives are pretty much strong. Its shears are better than the typical knives.

Boning Knife

If you want to separate meat from bone properly, you must use a boning knife. You can easily make filet fish and cut up meat by this knife.

This is also used for peeling and clipping any kind of vegetable. The length of this knife is about 3 to 8 inches.

The width of this knife is pretty much well. There are many kinds of blades which are used with this knife such as flexi, stiff etc.

Bread Knife

Bread knives are very common knives. This is mainly used for slicing bread, patty, cake, etc.

People use it for cutting poultry meat, seafood, etc. This knife is about 7 to 10 inches lingering. So, you can slice a big chunk of bread by it.

The blade of these knives is generally narrow and serrated.

Chopper Knife

These knives are of big size and heavyweight. This is also called the cleaver knife. It contains a sharp and strong blade along with a thick spine.

Its heavy features will help you to shatter any kind of cooked or uncooked flesh along with poultry, large seafood.

It is also used for pulverizing hard foods and crushing the garlic.

Paring Knife

Most of the people use this knife for garnishing various kind of food, salad, and drinks. These knives are about 3 to 4 inches long in size.

This is best for cutting and peeling fruits.

Steak Knife

You will find serrated or non-serrated steak knives in the market. These knives are long-lasting. This is easy for holding and using.

The blade of this knife is pretty sharp. This is used for cutting meat, fruit or salad.


From the above elaboration, you can clearly ruminate the types of various knives. This will make your slicing, cutting, peeling or crushing easier and likable.

We hope that this guide helped you to know about the work and characteristic of different knives.

So, purchase the best-rated knife for your household or outdoor work and get ample effectiveness.

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