Travel Guide to Kalbarri – A Wonderful Memory In Australia

Australia is a multinational country with people from different world and traditions. I went to visit my relatives who live in Perth, a western part of Australia and I’m have published this post about travel guide to kalbarri. My brother and I had a midterm semester break, and we planned to visit Perth in July when the temperature was 22o C at top and 9o at the lowest. So I reckon it was a perfect time for us to spend our holidays there. We spent a week and so in Perth, and there’s pretty much everything we both used to it other than beautiful beaches. I was getting bored and planning to go somewhere fishing far away from the city crowd. My fellow relatives suggested me to go to Kalbarri, a northern part of the Western Australia. I looked on the map and found it very interesting. Kalbarri is a small town with National Park, Murchison River Gorge, Murchison River and especially daily Pelican feeding. Even though Kalbarri is about 592 km far from Perth, it is geared towards tourism and fishing which attracts 200,000 tourists every year.

How did we get prepared?

  1. Since I made up my mind, I started looking forward to going Kalbarri tour with my brother. We planned to take a car since there was no flight straight from Perth to Kalbarri. We could take a Diamondback overdrive sport bike Tour which was going to take us almost 34 hours where it would take only 6 to 7 hours with a carb. So I looked up on the internet and searched the cheapest car to hire for a week. Then I choose a best drones under 100 take some photo. I also checked the yellow pages and made a few phone calls to get the most reasonable and affordable deal for my brother and me. Finally, we got a Holden Sedan Station Wagon for $340 Australian Dollars for a week.  It had more space and a flexible compartment for both of us. We also wanted to hire a car with a navigation system on it so that we don’t have to worry too much to find any locations.


Travel Guide to Kalbarri


The next thing came up on my mind is managing the accommodation for both of us. I was going to camp in Kalbarri where I possibly could, but my brother was worried about the location and a new environment to adjust as well as the safety. Finally, we got few addresses and phone numbers from yellow pages where there are plenty of options to stay there. The finest and affordable option for us was to hire a one room cabin with a double bed, self-contained kitchenette 2 x bunks with T.V and air-con. It cost us $450 Australian Dollars for six nights in peak season, but we made a reservation prior our journey to Kalbarri.

Travel Guide to Kalbarri

Before we started the travel, we organized few things to take with us. We took a couple of fishing rods and hooks, a torch light, a map book, a yellow page, warm clothes, first aid kit and other essential things with us. If you are not aware of that Australian Vehicles are made for right-hand side driving as I am better well known for left-hand side. But I have had previous experience driving right-hand sidecars earlier and so as my brother. So we didn’t have any issues of hiring a car at all, and the driver’s license was valid to drive in Australia without any special conditions. We went to get the vehicle and checked all the first car maintenance factors before leaving the yard. We put our luggage in the car and off for an adventure to Kalbarri.

Kalbarri Map

There are mainly two routes for getting to Kalbarri Porter Street where we hired the cabin. You can either take the Brand Highway and turn onto the North West Costal Highway at Geraldton or enjoy a more scenic route through New Indian Ocean Drive and turn onto the Brand highway from Dongara. There is also another long way to get to Kalbarri through Great Northern Highway which was going to take us more than 7 hours driving. This route is more likely for those who have a caravan and don’t want to get interrupted while driving.  But we chose to the more scenic roads to go to Kalbarri where a long drive alongside the beaches and all the empty grazing fields with greens.

As we crossed the Joondalup through Mitchell Freeway and followed Wanneroo Road, we finally started to get the views more like the countryside. The habitats were getting less in numbers and more lands than houses. It was fascinating for both of us to see these scenarios as we both grew up in a city based area where there were crowded all the time. We were driving at a speed of 110 on a Freeway and Indian Ocean Drive, and most of the time it was above 80 kilometers per hour. Just before hitting Geraldton on Brand Highway, we stopped at Dongara to fill up the fuel and had fish and chips as we also wanted to take a short break and inspected the vehicle for any unusual things.


After taking fish and chips at Dongara, we started back again on the track. The radio wasn’t working, and the mobile phones had a poor network. So, we were listening to music and talking to each other just to keep us busy. All the drivers should know that it is prohibited to drink and drive. It is as important as to bear in mind that “Don’t drive when you feel dizzy while driving ” because it could cause a big accident. Even though the route was absolutely unknown to us, but the navigation system was fantastic directing me in different turns.  We followed the navigation and stayed on the North West Costal Highway. After driving about two hours since the break, we reached at the point before turning onto Port Gregory Road. We took another few minutes break at the side of the road and had a cup of tea which we were carrying with us. After having refreshment, we were heading straight on Port Gregory Road and George Grey Drive to Kalbarri. It took almost 9 hours to get to the Porter Street at Kalbarri from Perth including all breaks and traffic signals.

Things to do in Kalbarri

As we reached at Kalbarri Caravan Park Zone as per the directions, we contacted the person in charge. The lady was accommodating, and she quickly managed and showed us our cabin as we expected. There were hotels, resorts, villas and holiday homes which are more expensive than average. But it was more comfortable and enjoyable for both of us to stay in a caravan type cabin with separate personal safety and privacy. Besides, the Standard Park Cabin was reasonable and under the budget. The cabin was well designed with a double bed and a self-contained kitchen. It saved a lot of money on food instead of buying from the restaurants. There is a Visitor Centre just around the corner where you can get all the information about Kalbarri with a free guide. We got the guide book and made our plan for the trip in Kalbarri. Although our passion was fishing mostly, we had a quite a drive through in different areas at Kalbarri. The beach was incredibly beautiful with blue waters, and the Mountain Bike Tour was fun and easy to drive which took us some awesome places with excellent views as we saw whales offshore. It cost us $90 Australian dollars to hire a Mongoose mountain Bike for two and a half hour.  I would recommend someone else to try it to get the maximum fun at Kalbarri Beach Drive. Fishing is always fascinating for my brother and me. We hired a 5.3 Runabout Boat for three days and cost us $600 Australian Dollars. It sounds way too much for a lot of tourers, but you can’t get everything without spending money. The boat came up with all the safety gears with Yamaha 4-stroke motor, and a GPS plotted over 150 waypoints to spot quickly. You can tow away your suitable location anywhere along the West Australian coastline. It is told that anytime is the right time to go for fishing but the best time to catch your expected species when you have good weather and the right season. Since we were hoping to catch Dhufish, but the season was not a good time and got plenty of Snapper, cod, and a few Red-throat emperors. We also were fishing offshore and caught many herring, whiting and breams with the cheap fishing rod we bought online. We had barbecues each night with these and cold beers with excellent night views at Kalbarri.


After traveling around London, France, Italy, China in different areas, I was amused by the spectacular views and peoples in Australia. A journey from Perth to Kalbarri was a wonderful memory for both of us. Those who love fishing and want to get out from the crowdie environment, a short tour at Kalbarri would be a best place to visit and highly recommended.

  • Updated May 17, 2019
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