How To Prepare For A Long Bike Ride

Excitement of long bike riding can ruin without proper preparation. You can follow our pro tip to be prepared for a long bike ride.

Tell Your Idea To The Friends And Family

To go for cycling in remote area, you need perfect companion. It can be your friends or family who are passionate about cycling.

Try to motivate them for long cycling. You can share your previous experiences, natural beauty of your desired destination and adventure of long distance cycling to motivate them.

Make a team of cycling with whom you will really enjoy your trip.

Research Your Trail

You can investigate on your route from internet or cycling organizing firm. There are many cyclist friendly route offered by the cycling organizer firm. They provide everything –food, camp sites, tips for elevating of mileage etc.

A route map can be very convenient to stay in right track.

Increase Your Endurance

To boost your stamina and aerobic capacity, interval training is a great choice. You can include frequent interval training for 30 to 60 minutes in your training schedule.

Figure Out Your Budget

How much you want to spend for your tour? That’s a huge question.

If you want to save some cash, then plan everything within your budget. If there is any sudden change of weather, you may need to spend some extra cash. Be prepared for that.

Determine How You Want To Tour

Are you going alone or with couple of friends or with organized touringguide?

If you want to search for touring guide, there are some online discussion forum or websites with huge resource.

These can fulfill your thirst for information. There are lots of people in the discussion forum with all type of experienced cyclist.

Select Your Bicycle

Choose which type of bicycle you want to take. It can either be your best friend or enemy. It is very crucial that your cycle is cozy and you like it.

Check how much weight you want to carry and its weight capacity.Try to evenly distribute the weight in each side of the bike.

Carrying your baggage with equal weight in each side will make your ride comfortable. So you can easily move it in downhill or uphill.

Know The Basic Of Fixing Bicycle

Learn about the bicycle repairing, maintenance and renewing. Also know the functions of various part of it which make the repairing cycle easier in case of emergency.

Some bicycle shop offers basic bicycle maintenance course/workshop. By joining them, you can improve your bicycle maintaining skill.

You may find bicycle repair shopin some cycling trail. If there isn’t, then your bicycle mending experience will help you.

Get Used To Your Bike

Before you start a tour,take your bike for test ride. Ensure that you are cozy on cycle’s saddle, brakes smoothly and each part works fine.

Make sure that you choose the best mountain bike or bicycle. If you want to know which bicycle is best, mountain bike under 500 or cheap and durable cycle, then buy from any online shop like Amazon or eBay.

Buy Your Gear

Purchasebasic necessities for cycling like helmet,shorts, cozy cycling shoes, rain gear, tights and gloves, elbow pad, tire, lot of water bottles, sleeping materials etc. Don’t forget the weight of your gears. Lightweight stuffs are the best solution for carrying on your cycle.

Go On A Trial Run

Final look on the route. Check your whole set up.

Make sure everything fixes in your bag, load up your bike.

Go for a trial run with all the stuffs you want to carry and set up camp by the hotel. You will be able to understand your capacity and learn about how much weight you can carry. Keep the unnecessary things back in your home.

Pack Your Clothing Properly

Weather (10-50-degree Celsius temperature change) can be change any time. With the change of location, the climate can be different.

Check the weather changes of upcoming days before you start your tour. Take cloths according to the climate changes.Also take a mini tool, ID, cell phone and cash in your backpack.

For cycling less is more. Many cyclists end up the journey because of excess stuffs.

Estimate The Mileage You Have To Cover

Make sure that you have extra time for rest. Estimate the mileage you can cover each day. Keep enough time for rest.

Storm, unexpected wind, rain and flat tire may delay your journey. Be prepared for any terrible weather.As for example constant wind is very common in Wyoming and Cansus.


Pro tip

  • During long bike rides pain in the joints are common. Follow these tips-
  • Changing the position of the hand by wrapping the bar with your thumb is a good way to relax your hand.
  • Make target to drink one bottle water per hour depending on weather.
  • Shrugging for 5 to 10 seconds will relax your neck.
  • You can stretch your hand by bending your hand between your shoulder for few seconds.
  • By sagging your heel below the pedal, you can relief the legs.

Now you are ready for long ride. Go!

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