How To Clean Bike Gears – Things You Need To Know About

If you are a cyclist learning how to clean bike gears is important especially when it comes to keeping your hobby for a lifetime.

Cleaning your bicycle may seem like an easy process if you are used to just hosing it down.

Nevertheless, for those who are earnest about taking right care of their bike and keeping it not only in better shape but also confirming great, there are particular steps you will want to take to keep it clean and functioning well.

Well, here in this article we concern you the clear conceptions to learn about how important is cleaning bike gears and more.

What will you need exactly on how to clean bike gears?

Cleaning bike gears can be a dirty process and having all your equipment collected in one place before you start will make the process a lot easier. A list of equipment you will need is given below. You can purchase most of these tools from any bike store.

  1. Bicycle Cleaning Brush
  2. Bicycle Chain Scrubber – it is affordable and works like a charm!
  3. Small Pan or Bowl
  4. Degreasing Solvent
  5. Chain Lubricant
  6. Two Buckets
  7. Rags and or Sponges
  8. Soap
  9. Water Hose
  10. Repair Stand

Though it is not for all using a bike repair stand for cleaning their bicycle. It is suggested as it will keep your bike in place so you can take care of the details. A suggested brand that confirms most cyclists is the Park Tool PCS-10 Home Mechanic Bike Repair Stand.

Let’s take a look… how to clean bike gears:

Now that the equipment is collected, you have changed into some old clothes such as an apron works wonderfully as you will likely get grease on you fill up your buckets with hot water and use your soap of choice to one of the buckets.

If you are happy enough to have a bike repair stand then clean the area of your bike first that you will be clamping, then link the bicycle repair stand jaws and adjust so the bike is stable and steady.

Start with the Chain:

Out of the entire tools, it is best to start with the grittiest and dirtiest of jobs… cleaning the chain and drive train. This is a job that is the part of how to clean bike gears that most people do not enjoy doing, but if you have a chain scrubber, it will go much faster and be far simpler.

First take aside your chain and if you are utilizing the chain scrubber just follow approaches.

If not then release some degreasing solvent into a small pan or bowl and absorb the chain in the solvent. You just keep it for a while one or two and then take aside from solvent and scrub with your bicycle cleaning brush.

Place chain back into the solvent (if the solvent is highly dirty you may require replacing with new solvent) and soak for a further minute or two.

Then take aside the chain and wipe with a rag. Following this procedure put the chain in your bucket of warm soapy water and repeats this process. The mixture of cleaning with the solvent and then the soap and water functions well.

Tips: Be certain to towel dry with a rag when complete and be sure to remove all of the solvents before place the chain back on your bike.

Next Clean the Derailleur Cage and the Chainrings and Pulley Wheel

For this upcoming part, you will require using your solvent and your cleaning brush.

When you dip your brush into the solvent, and then brush the derailleur cage, the chainrings the derailleur pulley wheel clean. Take some additional care not to spot the solvent into the hub or the bottom bracket bearings.

Cleaning the Rear Gears and the Wheels:

Considering how dirties your wheels, as well as rear gears, are you may need to clean them from the bicycle. You may use your brush to clean all dirt and grime from your bike.

If you want to make clean, your wheels do this as much easier you can. After that, you can use the solvent to clean each part of the wheel and keep the scrubbing with the brush.

To clean between the spokes and the rim, you may need to use a sponge.

Cleaning the Frame:

It is fairly straight forward to clean the frame of your bike. Use your sponge with soapy water or use solvent if needed. Use your brushes which are difficult to reach places for cleaning bike gears.

The Final Rinse:

For the final rinse down you may use your water hose to low pressure and spray the bicycle from the top down that can ease your cleaning bike gears. Confirm the bike to totally dry and then use a lubricant on the chain, pivot points, pulley wheels, and cables.

Now, will your bike not only look excellent but it will perform better as well. Find out the tools that are right for this job, how to clean bike gears to lengthen its life and keep it in top notch shape.


Bike plays a significant role in our everyday life. So it is crucial to keep it fit and to get a better service from this bike. In this circumstance, you need to clean your bike gears. After revising our article and follow our cleaning procedure I hope you will be able to know about how to clean bike gears.

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