How to Choose Comfortable Boots and Socks for Women’s?

Working Women's are like superheroes. They raise their children and work at the same time, which is beyond my imagination.

Even though they have a lot going in their home, they hardly let those come into their work. Whether we appreciate it or not, their struggle is obviously more than of a man and that’s why they need to be ensured that they don’t have anything else to worry more than of their home and work, especially about what they wear.

They deserve the most comfort while working,that’s why today I’m writing this piece where I’m going to explain how to choose the best work boots and the best socks for work boots to go with the boots for working mother.

Ensure you have arc support

When you are a mom and a working lady, you will get stress on your feet for quite a while and when you are standing for a long time,having a good arc support helps a lot.

Get a size that has enough space for your socks

Sometimes people go and try on shoes without socks. I don’t know what works on their mind but if you are going to wear socks with the shoes, it’s best you try them with socks on. Sometimes when you try on the boots without socks, they might feel okay but once you put on them with socks at home, you’ll feel the rush to take them off as soon as possible.

You must be comfortable with them

If you are going to use your shoes for a long while then, it’s obvious to make sure that you feel comfortable enough wearing them. The comfort factor comes in different ways. It comes as the padding or the mesh fabric that ensures air circulation for breath ability.

Get the perfect size

I know some people who would get a pair that she liked even if it’s a size smaller or bigger. Of course, I’ve seen her repent for this but that didn’t help her to get rid of the blisters. If you don’t want blisters like her, you should also get a perfect size socks, not smaller or bigger.

Choosing the most comfortable socks to go with the work boots

Decide Between Merino Wool or Synthetics

The most common fabrics for socks are merino wool, cotton,and synthetics. Even though cotton is cheaper but I would suggest going for the other 2 as they have more advantages than cotton socks.

women's work socks

Merino wool might be slow in drying but it can absorb almost 30% of its weight’s water, which is a big plus for working moms. However, the synthetics are dry faster and comparatively cheaper.

A seamless Design is more comfortable than a stitched one

Stitches can irritate your skin, especially when you have loose fabric on your heel or arc. That’s why I always suggest seamless ones because there isn’t any stitched line to hurt your skin even if it’s not a good fit for your feet.

Uptight fabric on the arch

As mentioned before, a loose fabric can irritate when you’re working, that’s why ensure your socks have a snug fit and also have a tight arc.

Any loose fabric on the arc means it will rub against your feet several times and cause blisters after a long period of use.

Check out the tube construction

If you get a pair of socks that has construction, you won’t have to worry about the stitches or the uptight arc because tube construction socks are practically seamless. Also, they don’t have separate fabric sewn into it for the arc. That’s why you will most probably get an uptight arc.

Proper thickness

A standard thickness is important for socks. For too much padding you will feel suffocated. At the same time, if your socks don’t have a decent thickness, your skin will bump and scratch to your shoes every time you move your feet.

Anti-bacterial and Odor Repellent socks

The sweat is something that you can’t stop. You can easily ensure there are not any bad odor from your socks. There are plenty of socks out there which are odor repellent and anti-microbial. These socks don’t let any bad odor get out from your shoe or let bacteria to grow.

Let the air come in

Lastly, you should ensure your shoes are breathable enough and have room for air to come in contact with your skin.


Now, you know how to choose the most comfortable boots and socks for working mothers, it’s time to get your size and get the best one, then become tension free about it.

Now, you can only concentrate on your kids and work, your shoes or socks won’t need your attention from there on.

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