How To Become More Flexible For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Try to roll with a flexible person and you will have the opportunity to understand the benefits of you being flexible for jiu jitsu flexibility. Strive to be more flexible as much possible. Flexibility would protect you from various muscle injuries that usually occur when your body is tight. If you want to become more flexible, make it your daily routine to stretch and do yoga.

Tips For Becoming More Flexible For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


The first thing you need to do be flexible is to stretch. It is highly important to stretch two days so as to maintain your flexibility and stretch thrice to enhance your flexibility. You need to stretch regularly so as to make you more flexible especially for training. Here well go through some of the best stretches you can do to prepare for jiu jitsu flexibility. 

Kind Arthur stretch

This type of stretch is known as King Arthur since it’s painful and hard while you’re starting, but the moment you go through it you’ll have become a true king. In this stretch, you will involve your upper body as well as your lower body. This stretch would prevent you from back injuries for days to come and you can do it two times for 30 seconds every day. King Arthur is one of the amazing stretches you can do for jiu jitsu flexibility.

Lying spinal Twist stretch

This is a good pose which will not only be of help to your spine and back but moreover, it’ll help your hips as well. This stretch will involve your upper and lower body which is quite important for jiu jitsu flexibility. You’re supposed to do spinal twist stretch two times every day consistently through the entire week. This type of stretch would control how you breathe which would help you a lot. 

Cossack Squat Stretch

The Cossack squat stretch is one of the best stretches for jiu jitsu flexibility because it’ll strengthen some weak areas of your body. The Cossack stretch is good for your back, knee, and ankle. You can incorporate the Cossack squat into your everyday roll or weight lifting session. After you’re proficient with this stretch, you can begin to use a dumbbell or a kettle bell to increase the intensity.

Butter Fly stretch

Start with the butterfly stretch on your workout because it’ll make your hips to be more flexible and you’ll be able to move with ease. You can do double sets of butterfly stretch for twenty seconds each. You can be able to finish butterfly stretches countless times every day since its simple to perform. This is an amazing stretch for jiu jitsu flexibility and also for other martial arts as well. 


Yoga has its roots from India and you can use yoga to enhance your physical, spiritual and also your mental capabilities. Yoga is highly a diverse and complex system which will help you to embrace various aspects of your life. Yoga would help you for jiu jitsu flexibility and also for jiu jitsu rolls. Want to relax and be flexible, do yoga frequently.

Virabhadrasana I (warrior 1)

The warrior 1 is a great yoga pose where you stretch your whole body. The warrior 1 would allow you to search that inner strength that you never knew you have with the simple poses and stretches of yoga. You become more alert and lively as well. After you do yoga for one week consistently, you’ll improve a lot on your game and will also enhance your jiu-jitsu flexibility. 

Virabhadresana (warrior 2)

Virabhadrasana I or the warrior 2 as it commonly known as a great yoga and I know you’ve seen it maybe two times. If you go for warrior 2 yoga you’ll pose slightly different from warrior 2. Warrior 2 yoga will incorporate a formula of Shiva which would raise your stamina. Warrior 2 would not only help you for jiu jitsu flexibility but will also build your muscles.

Adho Mkha Svanasana

This is the most common postures of yoga that you can begin with. As you start, you’ll be able to explore all the benefits that come with the adho mkha svanasana yoga. This is a yoga where you’ll pose standing and invert a little and as you stretch; it would enhance your strength. This pose would control your breathing and prepare you for jiu jitsu flexibility. 


Why Is Yoga Amazing For Jiu Jitsu Flexibility?

Yoga would enhance your jiu jitsu in various ways. Yoga will make you be more flexible and you’ll relax more after you roll with somebody who is far much experienced than you. Yoga would also make you have more control because your joints would move easily. Yoga will make you more flexible so that you access some parts of jiu-jitsu. 

Increase your balance

Being a fighter, you’ll need that inner balance and yoga would help to improve your physical and mental capabilities. In jiu jitsu flexibility. You’ll need to increase your inner balance. Yoga would help greatly to develop your inner balance. Yoga would increase your inner balance and you’ll able to find peace within you. 

Controls your breathing

When training for jiu jitsu flexibility, you need to control your breathing as well. Through yoga, jiu jitsu will help the smaller man fight the bigger man inside of you. Yoga would also control your body and breathing for jiu jitsu flexibility. I know you don’t appreciate how yoga controls your body and breathing but it is the best for this type of art.

Increase your strength

Yoga would greatly increase your strength for jiu-jitsu flexibility. Ensure that you have enough strength while training for jiu-jitsu. Good core strength is necessary especially for jiu-jitsu training since it’ll help you in scenarios that you haven’t thought about. So as to increase your core strength you need to do yoga at least several times every week.



Stretching and yoga would highly benefit you. Don’t take for granted if you’re flexible enough. You can underestimate the simple stretches and poses but if you consistently do them, they’ll transform your body mentally, spiritually and also physically. Don everyday stretching and yoga for your jiu-jitsu flexibility.


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