How to get a good night’s sleep for a great day of cycling

Goodnight Sleep before Great Day of Cycling We all know that good night sleep is very important, especially if the next day is going to be a great day of cycling. Getting enough sleep is important for us, it helps to regulate our body temperature, recover energy, control heart function, etc. For good cycling day, having a better sleeps tonight is important, but the excitement and nervousness don't let us sleep properly. Here are four excellent ways to get a good night sleep before the great day of cycling. 

Just like good standing and good sitting position, there is a good sleeping position as well. Before going to bed wear comfortable and loose clothes. Relax your body completely. Everybody has their own comfortable sleeping posture according to their body. Make sure to maintain the natural curve of the spine to minimize strains and stress. Select a pillow which can maintain the right position of your neck. Too much stress to the neck can lead to a sleepless night. 

Getting nervous is normal:

If the next morning is going to be of cycling morning, then getting nervous is normal. Anxiety and stress are natural responses when you are too much excited about cycling day. This night, you will be pumped up, psyched up and will be thinking about how the day is going to be, but it is important to remember that to perform well a proper 8 hours sleep is important. 

It's not just you, every participant must be going to through the same feelings. But disturbing your sleep for this will affect your performance, remind yourself that it's okay and you are going to perform well. Calm your mind and try to sleep. 


Doing meditation before sleeping is a great way to improve sleep. Research has found that people who meditate before going to sleep tend to have a better sleep than those who don't. If you can't meditate then go for yoga. This will relax the body and it will be easy to fall asleep. There are some yoga postures made especially for insomnia.


Be Hydrated:

It is good to drink at least one full glass of water before going to bed. For a good night sleep, eating less is helpful. Since you won't be consuming too much food, chances of craving sometime during the night can increase. This will distribute your sleep. If your body remains hydrated, the late night craving will be in control and you will be able to sleep peacefully. Staying hydrated is important but avoid drinking too much water, this might increase the urge to go to the washroom at midnight.

Things to avoid before great cycling day:

Drinking Alcohol and having screen time: Boozing can prevent from having a peaceful and deep sleep that the body needs. If you have a habit of drinking at night then go for a light drink, that too in small quantity. Too much alcohol will affect the body and you might end up messing the great day.

Additionally, try to avoid using the phone or watching television right before going to bed. The rays coming out of these electronic devices can delay the sleep. Instead, go for a hot shower before bedtime. This helps​​​ to calm our muscles and hence help our body to sleep. 

Drinks and Food:

Eating too much can lead to acidity and hence ruin our next day. Try not to eat anything at least three hours before going to bed. Eating high-fat meals, having drinks containing caffeine like coffee, tea, cola, etc can also reduce sleep. Having food which is rich in tryptophan can help the body to produce sleep-inducing serotonin. Sunflower seeds, turkey, egg, pulses, almonds, dairy products are tryptophan-rich foods.

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Messy Room:

Sleeping in a dirty room can make it hard to fall asleep. Make sure to clean your room before going to bed. For a good sleep, make sure that the room is dark and has a low temperature. It is hard to sleep in a high-temperature room. Close the curtains, you can also use some scent in the room. Put the alarm clock away from your bed so that you don't press the snooze button in the morning. Once everything is cozy, it will become easy to fall asleep.

Remember that your mood will affect everything. Don't be nervous and keep calm. If you keep yourself happy, then the great day of cycling will go wonderful.

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