What Are the Best Kitchen Knife Set?

If you’re having difficulties about finding the best kitchen knife set for you, don’t worry. You are in the right place. For a long time, I had to face this same difficulty.

So, I researched for a few months to come up with a solution. What I found in my research are the things that I am sharing with you right here.

I am sure after going through this article you don’t have to look elsewhere to know what the best kitchen knife sets are for you. Also, For your kitchen pick a best shaved ice machine for the snowball making.


Essential Shapes for Kitchen Knife

Kitchen knives are basically categorized into three main parts. Each part has its own advantage.

Chef’s Knife

This one is quite a large knife that can be used for different purposes. You can cut vegetables with it, chop large chicken or steak meat, you can even mince garlic with it.It is available in different sizes.

The length of this knife varies from 5 to 10 inches. So which one would be best for you? Well, that depends on your cutting style. You should pick one and make some cutting motions to see which size goes best with you.

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The paring knife is a kind of knife that is hardly 2 to 4 inch long. Though it’s small it is essential for cutting small vegetables and fruits.

You can slice small chicken pieces with it or even use it for cutting cheese. If a two-inch knife is very short for you but you don’t want a big one as well, you can just pick a 4-inch utility knife and you will do well with it.

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Serrated Knife

For slicing bread or roasts, you should own serrated knives. These knives are usually 9 to 10 inch long. Aside from slicing, they are capable of cutting small and soft vegetables, for example, tomatoes.

Also, serrated knives cost less than chef’s knives but their performance is a little poor than chef’s knives.

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Construction Type of Best Kitchen knife

The best type of kitchen knives is constructed by either of the three ways given below.

Forged Construction

Forged knives have the most quality construction. Each of the knives is made individually. Their shapes are created by molding them under extreme heat. They tend to be a little heavier than others. But they are durable and well balanced.

Stamped Knife

Stamped knives are made from a flat sheet of steel. After cutting the sheet in the shape of a knife the edges are sharpened. Though they are not as durable as forged knives they are definitely lighter and much more flexible.

Full Tang Knife

A full tang knife has no separate handle, rather the full metal extends into the handle. These types of knives are very helpful for you as these are more stable. As the handle is heavier compared to the other two, it gives you better control over the knives.


Things to Consider for the Best Kitchen Knife Set

When you are done choosing the construction shape and size for your best kitchen knife set, you have to look for some qualities in the knives and some other aspects. These are:

The Raw Material

Usually, knives are made of carbon steel and stainless steel. Carbon steel knives are good for strength. But stainless steel knives are a little different from that.

They are well balanced but not as strong. But nowadays a new material is found. That is high-carbon stainless steel. This one is both well balanced and strong. So it is better if you pick a knife set made of this material.

Your Budget and Cooking Style

It is not necessary that all type of knives will match your budget. So, after fixing the budget look for the best one you find within that budget. Also, different types of knives are used for different cooking styles. You know your way of cooking better than anyone. So, you have to match your way with the knives.

Comfort of Holding

One of the most important point while using a kitchen knife is to see if you feel comfort in holding it or not.

If you don’t feel comfortable by simply holding it, how can you work fluently with it, right? So, while picking a knife set make sure you feel comfortable holding them as like ​best carving knife for meat.


Final Verdict

Finally, I would like to say that the types and properties I discussed here are the things you should always keep in mind while picking a set of kitchen knives. Remember, different types of knives are used for different tasks. So, it is better if you have one of each kind in your kitchen.

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