Best Bike Tool Kit for Cyclists

Whether you’re a professional or an ordinary cyclist, but you’ll agree with me that best bike tool kit is basic to all.

This is because when you’ve them, you can simply do the minor repairs at the comfort of your home thereby reducing the unnecessary expenses.

The second reason why you should have tool kit all the time is to safeguard you against the unforeseen dangers that can call for urgency.

For instance, when your bike gets damaged in the middle of a forest where you can’t get the services of mechanics. With the tool kit in your possession, you’ll not have to worry as you can fix on your own.

This article will unravel to you some of the tools that you should make your companion if at all you have a bike. You will find SocketToolStore is a tool site. Here is the list.

1. Torx Keys

In this modern life, it’s extremely difficult to find bikes that don’t have parts made of Torx. In fact, I can confidently predict that sooner or later, nearly the entire parts of the future bikes will be of Torx.

In truth, it’s evident already. Take, for example, Campagnolo that uses torx in numerous of its newest parts. FSA uses torx for chain ring bolts so does SRAM that uses it entirely on its XX group.

For less than $50, you can easily get the three most basic torx keys. They include; T-10, T-25 and T-30.

2. Floor Pump

This one is nearly a compulsory one for the cyclists. In case you don’t understand it, you can’t do without it unless you’ve countless of spare tires for replacement when necessary.

You might be thinking that I’m overemphasizing how basic floor pump is to a cyclist. You can get a confirmation from cyclists who ride on SRAM for the full story.

With under $100, you can acquire SKS Airbase Pro pump that can get solution your pumping needs almost to the end of your bike’s life.

3. Compact Scissors

It isn’t easy to realize how essential they are until that time when irritating blisters will be all over your palms. You’ll definitely need them anytime you want to trim your aging handlebar wraps and while cutting vinyl tape.

I’m not recommending it for you, but Fiskas 5-inch Micro-Tip scissors remain the favorite of majority of the professional cyclists. The good part of it is that you can easily afford them as only twenty buckscan make you own one.

4. Tire Levers

This is what most tires and rims need in order to increase their (rims and tires) efficiency and also to reduce their rigidity and stubbornness. However, it’s important to use the right wheels with the right levers.

For instance, when you’ve Mavic wheels, then it’s perfect to use Mavic levers which are compatible and comparably cheap.

5. Cable Cutter

For durability, I can confidently recommend to you The Felco C-7 cutters, but you should be ready with at least $70 to obtain one.

The reason why I highly recommend this basic tool is because it can last beyond three decades as for the case of my mechanic.

6. Mini Pump

Apart from owning a Floor pump, it’s also important when your arm yourself with a mini pump.

This is the right tool kit that you need when you quickly want to pump your tires. However, it will depend on the amount of air pressure you want to fill in your tire.

If you need a bigger and much dependable mini pump, then you shouldn’t look further than Crank Brothers Power Pump Alloy.

I prefer it because it’s durable and at the same time affordable to many as only $38 can make you own one. You can use this pump to fill up to 80 psi, or you can adjust it to air pressure mode and inflate your tire to up to 130 psi.

7. Chain Tool

Changing your bike chains manually can be anexcruciating task that no cyclist is willing to undertake.

Thanks to the chain tool that makes this job get done with just little effort. The good thing is that these tools come in wide varieties and you’ll select based on your budget and durability.

When you’re using a 10-speed drive train, you can go for Shimano TL-CN32 that has incredible wood handles.

It’s one of the best tools, but you must brace yourself for a huge cost as one alone goes for over $150. None the less, it’s worth its cost.

8. Chain Checker

Chain checkers are important tools that will show you if you can still hold on to your chain or discard it altogether.

The importance of chain checkers cannot be overlooked especially with the speed of cassette on the increase and difficult to determine.

I bet you know how chains and cog set have become tremendously expensive and you would want to avoid the unbearable expenses.

You can buyPark Tools CC-2 that sells at only $27 and can help you to examine and determine if your chain is still okay and can’t damage your cogset.

9. Sharpened Spoke

This tool has a role to play in your daily or periodical maintenance of your bike. Its main duty is to open a cable that carries poking into corset. Here, you shouldn’t worry because I promise never to let you go an extra cost. This is because you can improvise by just sharpening a hand file to perform the role.

10. Four-Way Screw Driver

No one can assume the role that screwdrivers have on bikes and other automobiles. The biggest advantage that it brings is that they can multitask the duty of bringing efficiency and tightening loose screws.

It’s standard to select tools with steel tips because they can’t come out with a lot of your hardware. If you acquire all the four sets, then you’re good to go as they can fit in almost everywhere.

11. Combination Wrenches

This is another vital tool for a cyclist that’s used in tightening and loosening small nuts and hex bolts. The popular model is Snap-On wrench which is highly trusted for its quality service delivery and vast stay in the market.

Snap-On wrenches are cheap as one only goes at slightly above $20.

12. Spoked Wrenches

It’s really not easy to recommend any specific model as most wheel manufacturers use different spoke-nipple designs.

However, you’ll always be right when you choose Park Tool’s SW-0, SW-1 or SW-2 with your square spoked-nipples.

The best thing is that most spoke wrenches designs have remained the same since 1960’s simply because change isn’t required.

We recommend topproductlabs. You can obtain each of the aforementioned spoke wrenches for as low as $8.

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